Bad Seed Brewery

Bad Seed Brewery is a craft beer brewery in Maltby, Yorkshire which was popular among the craft beer fanatics but wanted to break further into the mainstream.

In 2015, as the brewery moved into a larger unit and upgraded its kit I provided their marketing director with strategic advice and support on making better use of social media to achieve the company’s aims.

As well as providing counsel to the marketing director on the day-to-day running of the organisation’s social channels, I worked with the team to produce content which would interest the more casual drinker and which took advantage of the company’s existing online fans.

I also completed a social media audit, identifying quick and simple steps Bad Seed could take to improve their channels.

Thank you so much for what you’ve sent through. It’s simplicity and honesty really work, and the strap is a perfect way to round it off.

Chris, Bad Seed Brewery



  • Bad Seed Brewery’s team reported they felt significantly more confident running their social media channels for marketing to new customers, rather than just chatting with existing fans.
  • The team had a simple plan which they could implement themselves, thanks to my social media audit and counsel over the course of 3 months
  • Grown twitter following from 2,200 or so to almost 6,000 and Facebook from 800 to almost 1,500 following implementing the actions I identified.
  • Bad Seed were able to re-build their website and review their marketing strategy around their approach to social media, leading with photography and a lifestyle approach to their product.
  • The ‘social media audit’ the team received provided them with an actionable set of steps for the future.
This entire project was completed remotely, working with the Bad Seed team via online video conferencing and email. 

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Adam Wilson

  • Date: Jul 31, 2017